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This quick worksheet will help you during the process get some clarity about your business and help us have a more productive conversation when we talk during your $1000 Strategy Session. There is no right or wrong answer so if you are not sure just use your best guess. I look forward to speaking with you! Be sure to check your email as I send out additional information before our conversation. Thank you for taking a few minutes to fill it out!

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Robert Newhart Jr

Robert Newhart Jr

Digital Media Strategist

Robert is a Digital Media Strategist, International Best Selling Author, Publisher, Host on Business Innovators Radio, Business Coach and Video Producer.  I am 100% Committed to helping you attract and convert more of your best prospects with my Authority Media Marketing Systems and Coaching.  I give you my Guarantee and we have never failed to produce with a 100% track record.  I look forward to helping you do the same!

Robert is so knowledgeable and easy work with. I rely on Robert as a trusted source of information when it comes to local seo marketing and reputation marketing for our business. I recommend working with Robert if you are business owner looking to grow your biz.'

M. M. – CEO, Madcap Studios

'Can't give enough kudos to Robert. Working with him has benefited my business in so many ways from inspiration, to authority marketing knowledge, to cutting edge media technology. Robert is a master. His understanding of Authority Systems development for increasing revenue is bar none. I recommend Robert and his team to any business that's serious to boosting their bottom line and dominating their competition.'

K. T. – Creative Director, Anchor Creative

'Robert is a Pro for giving you ideas and advice to build your business. Great authority and video marketing strategies plus he is a reliable person. I love my review video and website so much and so do my customers! Thank you so much Robert for helping me grow my business.'

Steve H. – Owner, BRU Services

'Every interaction I've had with Robert has been excellent. His knowledge of authority, reputation and video marketing gives me confidence that I'll have the results I'm hoping for.'

Dr. Gary S. Berger – Medical Director

Robert is a great motivator when it comes to new ways of increasing your clientele and visibility. If you are looking for your business to grow, Robert is the way to go.

M.N. – Founder, Peak Communications

Roberts wisdom in online authority marketing has helped me to build a bigger client base. Thank you Robert!!

J.P. – Utah Business Coach
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