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While Becoming A Featured Published Author

Robert Newhart JrWelcome! Hi, I’m Robert Newhart Jr. I am publishing a new book this summer (see cover to the right) and I would like to feature an interview with you to discuss solutions that you provide your patients or clients to improve their lives and how you help them live, look, or feel better and then share it with the readers as a chapter in the book.

If you have a story to tell about how you help make a difference in people’s lives and you believe in giving back, you would make a great candidate to be featured in this book project!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to write anything.  I make it easy for you to participate, all I need is about 30-45 minutes of your time to interview you via phone and use that to feature you in a chapter.  It will be easy and fun I promise!

Now, I want to let you know up front that all the retail royalties from the book will be donated to GreaterGood.org or your favorite charity.  My main goal is to bring them some added exposure about the work they are doing and a little extra cash as a donation.  I do not work for them nor am I affiliated with them, I just want to give back and help spread the word.

This will be a great opportunity for you as well to get some exposure and tell your story as an educator, authority, and someone who makes a difference in your field while helping out a great cause at the same time.  I know you have questions so keep reading, thanks!


I am putting together this charity book project because I believe in giving back!  I do this by supporting charities locally and worldwide like Greater Good that are helping improve the lives of people, animals, and the planet and I want to bring some extra exposure and support to their efforts.

I also want to deliver great value to consumers by giving them helpful information from top local Chicago professionals on how to live, look, and feel better. This is where you come in!  I need to tell your story to deliver this great content to the readers.  To help facilitate the process of “Spreading The Word” about the Charity and getting some great information into the hands of Chicago residents…

I am pulling out all the stops to give the 12 featured authors some great exposure for themselves and their business as well as some nice bonuses as my way of saying Thank You for participating. Keep reading below to see all the Featured Author Benefits! It’s a win, win, win for all involved!

Besides this project, I work full time helping Doctors, Professionals, and Business Owners leverage their profits 50-100% in as little as 90 days as a Digital Media Strategist. I am also a Best Selling Author, Publisher, Contributor on Business Innovators, Business Coach and a Video Producer. So, I want to get my name out to Doctors, Professionals, and Business Owners in Chicago that I may be able to help with their business while giving lots of value back in the process!

To do my part to help spread the word, I am personally donating 50 copies of this book to local Chicago libraries.


This is Not for everyone and that’s ok, but I would like to speak with you for 10 – 15 minutes to see if we are a good fit because you:

  • Have some valuable information to share with the great people of Chicago to help them live, look, or feel better
  • Enjoy participating in and being part of a greater cause and giving back
  • See value in being featured in our Chicago Charity Book Project
  • Would like to Help Spread the Word

If this sounds like you, look for the orange button below to schedule a quick Q&A call today, thank you!

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100% Of The Royalties From This Book Are Donated to Charities Like GreaterGood.org

GreaterGood.org is an independent 501(c)(3) charitable organization devoted to improving the health and well-being of people, pets, and the planet. GreaterGood.org has given over $30 million to over 150 charity partners and programs worldwide. They work mainly in:

  • Helping alleviate world hunger
  • Widespread health concerns, especially in women
  • Preventing & treating childhood illness
  • Promoting children’s literacy & education
  • Protecting & restoring the environment
  • Providing food, shelter & care for rescued animals

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Featured Author Benefits

Only 12 Spots Available

Help The Readers Live, Look, and Feel Better

By participating in this project as a Featured Author, you will be delivering some great information to the readers by sharing your story and how you make a difference helping people everyday Live, Look, and Feel their best doing what you do best.  This will give you great exposure so when they need your services they will see you as the person who can help them.

Be Heard On Business Innovators Radio

We will have about a 30 minute recorded interview via telephone that will allow you to talk about your practice or business. How you got started, a key lesson you learned early on, who you help and how, and also give your best tips for listeners and readers on how to Live, Look, and Feel Better!  This is your only time commitment to this project.

Because I am a Host on Business Innovators Radio, I am going to syndicate your interview on Business Innovators Radio, itunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, Spreaker, Soundcloud, and others. You will get a link to your radio show posts that you can use on your website or other sites.  This also will give you some valuable links back to your website to help out your other SEO efforts. Click the image above to see more.  This Is More Great Free Media Exposure For You and your participation in this project! (a $497 value)

We Will Mention You In Our Media Coverage For Added Publicity

Lastly, this is another valuable benefit for you by becoming a featured author contributor.  Just agree to let us include your name, photo, and any part of your interview from your chapter as quotes in the local and national media releases we produce related to this project, including any TV interviews, Radio or Podcast interviews, and News Releases. We will be doing at least 1 post-publishing News Release and you will get a .pdf copy as well as links to use in your marketing.  This will be free publicity for you! (a $297 value)

Become A Published Author While Helping A Great Cause

When you participate in this book project as a Featured Published Author and then help me spread the word by giving out copies to your prospects, clients, friends, and family you will be contributing to a great cause to help them get exposure about the good they are doing as well.  You will get 10 copies of the book you will be featured in to hand out (a $199 value).

Get An Expert Interview Video For Your Marketing

One of the main things I do to help Doctors and Professionals, outside of this book project, is to help them get more exposure as an authority in their local marketplace by doing Video Interviews that feature them answering common questions their prospects ask so when they answer them in advance they are automatically seen as the person to call to get the help they are seeking.

Because I am the Executive Producer for videos at 5 Star Interviews, I am also going to give you a fully produced 3-4 minute video interview that you can use in your marketing, on your website,or any other way you see fit.  We can record it during our book interview or schedule it for a later date that works best for you. Click the image above to see an example. This Is Even More Great Media Exposure For You and my thank you for your participation in this project! (a $2500 value)

Help Spread The Word

We Will Publish The Book On September 2, 2016

Lastly, my Q-Bear Publishing Group™ staff will transcribe and edit the interview and then get it published into your featured chapter. You will have a featured chapter, a place for your short bio and contact information, as well as a back cover photo credit. Your book will be published as a 6 x 9 paperback as well as a kindle version both available on Amazon and their other worldwide distribution channels which includes Barnes & Noble, Ingram, NASCORP distributors, Baker & Taylor, libraries, and academic institutions . You will have the opportunity to review your chapter before it is published.  Books will ship on September 9th.


We Hate Spam!  Your privacy is very important to us and will only be used for this project.


So, there is no catch but I know you are probably thinking at least one question at this point.  In the interest of being transparent, I want to bring it up ahead of time…How Much Does It Cost? Right? Normally I charge $2997+ to be featured as an author in a multi-author book! But NOT for this project…

So why would I give away almost $3500 in value for almost nothing? I wouldn’t say it is for nothing as I do have some hard expenses I cannot get around which I will share in a moment and as I mentioned earlier there are four main reasons for this project:

  1. I believe in giving back and supporting charities and other organizations that are trying to make a difference and want to get the word out to help support them. This is my MAIN Focus of this project!
  2. I believe in delivering incredible value to the readers of the book and in doing so I need to attract the Best Chicago Professionals who feel like I do and have a great story to tell.
  3. In exchange for excellent interviews and content for my book project, I want to also deliver some great value to the Featured Authors to help compensate for their time and give them some valuable media exposure in the marketplace.
  4. A selfish reason really, sorry.  I want to get my name out to Doctors, Professionals, and Business Owners in Chicago that may need my services.

So there it is.  Now about those hard expenses I mentioned earlier.  Just to get the book interview recorded, transcribed, edited, formatted correctly for publication and the cover professionally created and finished with each author on the back cover printed and shipped it will cost me about $320 per author.  My cost to write and edit the news release, radio show, and video so they are ready for production and then get them produced is another $630 for each contributor.  I am covering all other production costs for this project which is my gift to you for participating and my way of giving back!  All I am asking from each Featured Author in this project is $495 to help cover a portion of my hard costs. Fair enough?

My goal is that everyone wins!  I hope by spreading the word about the Charity they will win and they will also get some added revenue through the royalty donations.  I hope you will win by being a part of this project and sharing your story with the people of Chicago so they win by having access to great content.  I know I will win by completing this project and getting the chance to work with some great people.


I know you probably will still have some questions and that is normal. As I mentioned, this may not be for everyone but if you feel you have some value to give to the Community and being a part of this project, I want to recap the project and what you will be getting as a contributing Featured Author:

  • As the title of the book mentions, “12 Things You Didn’t Know About…Living, Looking, and Feeling Your Best In™ Chicago”, there will only be 12 Featured Authors in this edition. So if you feel this is something you would like to be a part of, please click the orange button below and let’s talk to see if we are a good fit.
  • Your story and how you help make a difference in people’s lives will be forever written in the book, shared on the radio and shown in your video!
    • You will be getting a full chapter in the book with your bio and contact information at the end of the chapter.  Your picture and name will be on the back cover and you will get 10 copies to give away to patients, clients, prospects, friends, and family to help spread the word. ($199 value for you, priceless for the Charity)
    • We will take the audio from our recorded interview will be syndicated on Business Innovators Radio which is picked up by iHeart Radio, iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, and other online stations.  This will also feature your bio, picture, and contact information as well as some high value links back to your website. ($499 value)
    • You will get a fully produced professional video that will spotlight you telling viewers how to find the “Best” in Chicago and then you will be able to also talk about how you can help them as well.  You will have full rights and a copy of this video to use however you wish in your marketing. We will also share some best practices on how you can maximize the videos marketing effectiveness. ($2500 value)
    • You will also be included and get a copy of our post-publishing Authority News Release.  This release will be seen Nationwide on affiliate websites of ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and other leading outlets.  You will also be given links and a .pdf for you to use in your marketing efforts and can even share it with all the local Chicago media outlets to promote that you were in the book as a Featured Author. ($297 value)
  • You will be giving back by sharing your story and helping spread the word about the Charity.

I am covering all other production costs for this project ($3500 value) which is my gift to you for participating and my way of giving back!  All I am asking from each Featured Author in this project is $495 to help cover a portion of my hard costs. Fair enough?

Does This Feel Like Something You Would Like To Be A Part Of?
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We Hate Spam!  Your privacy is very important to us and will only be used for this project.

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