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What Is An Authority Publisher?

How would I even know if I need an Authority Publisher?

An Authority Publisher is NOT a publisher of fiction, novels, poems, children’s stories, or autobiographies that take years if ever to become a “Best Seller”  unless…they are used to better position our client as a local Authority in their Market.

We do not want to have to buy a garage full of our own books to try an make it on the “New York Times” or other supposed big name list.  We don’t do that!

As An Authority Publisher, We Publish Amazon “Best Selling” Authority Business Books that help position our clients as educators and advocates for their prospects, customers, clients, and patients.  We help you get Local Celebrity Status and can do it in 90 days or less without you having to write one word!

Your a Great Candidate for us to work with if:

  • You see the Value of being positioned as a “Best Selling” Author and being seen on places like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and affiliates
  • You’ve been thinking about, maybe even trying to to write a book for Exposure and Authority Positioning but can’t seem to finish
  • You know for sure that if your potential prospects saw you as a Published “Best Selling” Author you would capture more of them

You are not alone!  Let us help you with our 90 Days To Celebrity program and help you become The Authority in Your Marketplace as a “Best Selling” Author.

All our publishing is done through

Head on over there and get in line to claim your Authority Status Today!!  

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