Robert Newhart Jr The Real Power Of My easy Marketing GPS™ Guaranteed Profits System Is Not About What You Do Or How You Do It,
It’s ALL About WHY You Do It!

Once we uncover your WHY…Why you are doing What you love to do which dictates How you do it, I will help you get your message out using a series of digital media strategies to help you become the “Local Authority” and then watch as you begin to attract your best patients and clients effortlessly like never before! In fact, I guarantee it!

“People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it, and WHAT you do simply proves what you believe!”

Simon Sinek

Start With Why!

Robert Newhart Jr – Digital Media Strategist.  Known as the video guy, Robert is an International Best Selling Author, Contributor to Business Innovators, Publisher, Video Producer, and the Founder of Raleigh Marketing Online, LLC. Robert focuses on helping his clients become educators and advocates for their clients and prospects by clarifying their message and positioning them as the authority in their local marketplace using digital media strategies with a focus on reputation and videos so you can earn more profits and help your communities better.

I have been studying and implementing winning seo and digital media strategies since 2001 and have over 30 years experience owning, managing, and consulting with small and medium size businesses at some level with a “hands-on” approach and through those experiences I have gained a keen sense of what is needed for a business to be profitable and how to effortlessly attract your best prospects in today’s digital marketplace so you can have more clients and patients, more profits, and more time.

I understand your pain in trying to grow your business as I have experienced it for myself. Spending money not sure if ‘this one’ will be the one that works, then wondering why it didn’t. Unsure of what I should be doing and when, frustrated and overwhelmed by SEO, Social Media, Pay Per Click, Reputation, blogging, and the dozens of other strategies out there.

I made a lot of mistakes, tried a lot of different online marketing tactics to try and figure it out on my own.  That’s why I decided to do something about it and spent a lot of money, over $50,000 on education, not your typical education but on learning from the best and testing what worked and what didn’t. To understand at it’s core, what people really want, no matter what they are searching for.  That’s why I am here, to help you shorten the learning curve I had to go through and provide you with some ‘done for you’ services that will catapult you to the top of your marketplace.

I want to share what I have learned with you so you do not have to repeat my failures and wander aimlessly through the maze.  I cannot help everyone and there is not one prescription that fits everyone! The best way to see what you actually need is to schedule a Free Strategy Session so I can find out what is working and what you are frustrated with and then offer a solution that fits you best to see if we are a good fit.

I feel like I now have an obligation and a duty to share what I have learned with other struggling Professionals because the more I can help you become successful, the more you can help others with their needs and also help your community better.  I believe in giving back by supporting Communities and other Charitable organizations who work hard to give back so I donate 2% of all Company earnings to different Charity organizations locally, Nationally, and Internationally each month. I believe Givers Gain!

I start with and focus on Reputation Marketing as the hub for everything in my strategies because over 92% of all people search online for reviews about you, even if they have been referred by a friend or family member.  You cannot ignore this one fact and take immediate action on it because if you don’t fix this first…everything else we do will be a waste of time in the end game.

I use video differently than most to help you tell your story, your why, and be seen as the immediate authority online. Most people do videos showing their office, maybe some testimonials which are good but what your prospects are searching for is someone they can connect with, someone who truly understands what they need, understands their fears and frustrations. Someone who answers their biggest questions in advance, and someone they can get to know, like and trust in a non-threatening way on their timeline.  

Listen, What you do and How you do it are what everyone is talking about, that’s why your prospects have such a hard time making a decision.  Everyone is saying the same thing, more or less.  The person who captures the market with WHY they do what and how they do it with a 5-Star online reputation will get the attention of the best prospects and naturally attract them like bees and honey!


“When You Can Describe A Person’s Fears and Frustrations (the pain points they are experiencing) To Them BETTER Than They Can Describe It Themselves, They Instantly Perceive You As An Expert/Authority and Automatically Assume You Have The Solutions They Seek …. Get this right and price is no longer a concern.”

Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall

as shared by Wes Harrison

Do this right and you will own the 73% of prospects who will need your services in the future, not just the 3% who are ready to buy today.  Everyone is chasing the 3%, why not create a system that will let you attract and nurture the 73% that includes the 3% and have your competition fishing in an empty pond?!

Without my strategies you will continue to struggle fighting for the 3%.  Spending a lot of money on SEO and getting on the first page of google (tell me you don’t get 5 calls a day from someone promising this).  There are only 10 natural or ‘organic’ spots available and Google is changing the rules everyday!  OH, PPC (google adwords – Pay Per Click – a slippery slope for sure) you can pay to be at the top this way but there are 2 inherent flaws, besides the high cost to play this game, one is that most people just send the traffic to their homepage or website, and two, statistics show most prospects click on the first 3 organic listings.  I could go on and on, let me just say there are better ways to attract and convert your best prospects.

You can pay a lot of money to be seen, but that does not help you convert them from prospect into patient or client.  Unless you have a system in place to help you:

  1. Increase the conversion of prospect into clients,
  2. Increase the number of times your clients buy from you, and
  3. Increase the amount they spend (or lifetime client value)

You will continue to struggle, be seen as a commodity, spend more and more money trying to survive and figure it out, and have less time to enjoy life!


“People may hear your words, but they feel your ATTITUDE!”

John C. Maxwell

It has been said many times, “All things being equal, People buy from People they know, like and trust.”  But everyday I see Doctors, Professionals, and Business Owners struggle and pay lots of money to try and get seen, but the real key and problem is what they are missing!  Being seen is one thing, actually getting them to convert i.e. like you enough to trust you so they pick up the phone and call is another thing!  Drive traffic to a bad message and you will get bad results!

Your prospects want to connect, just saying what you do and how you do it is like everyone else, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!  They want the best, they want to know somehow that you are someone who can solve their problem and so what you need to do is to get them to naturally and easily get to know about you (YOUR WHY) and then like you by seeing you repeatedly answering their questions solving their pain enough times so they trust you and will pick up the phone and call you or visit your office.

Especially in healthcare and professional services is this important!  It’s not like buying gas or a sweater where price is mostly the concern, but I will argue that at some level people want the best value from the best person or place that can deliver that value where they feel understood, wanted, appreciated and where they can get relief from the pain they are experiencing!

This applies even if you are buying gas. Do you want cheap gas or a cheap sweater, or do you want to make sure your car runs right, keeps you and your family safe and gets you where you want to go?  And the sweater keeps you warm, and keeps its color and does not break after 3 washes.  Connect with your prospects at their deepest level revealing your why and you will win the game every time!

If you do not believe this it is ok, but I cannot help you and you can continue to spend money guessing, worried and frustrated!

Don’t think this is true? How do you think someone is going to choose a plastic surgeon for her breast augmentation or lift? Referrals? Maybe but what about all the women searching that don’t have a referral?  Do you think they print off all the google page 1 listings in their area pin it on a wall and throw darts, choosing which one they want?  Do they phone interview each one?  NO, more likely they visit a few and go with the one they feel most comfortable with.

What if you could answer her questions and get her to know you, like you, feel like she can trust you BEFORE she even comes in for a consultation?  That’s what I have mastered using videos sharing the right message of WHY answering her most urgent questions in advance, positioned in the right places online supported by other digital media to create an atmosphere where she and your prospects see you as the authority and have NO CHOICE but to call you as the obvious person who can help them solve their pain!

During my 25 plus years of building ‘brick & mortar” businesses, I saw the major shift taking place online years ago and the speed at which people now had access to information online via their desktops and smartphones.  Everything is available and fast, especially videos.  Prospects have become more educated and less patient in this new world.  Prospects will make a split second decision on whether you are their choice or not, whether they can trust you or not. You must have a system to stay top of mind.

When they have a Pain, they want to know 4 things:

  1. What’s wrong with me, or what is causing me to feel this way?
  2. Can you fix it?
  3. How long will it take to be fixed?
  4. How much will it cost?

Guess what?  They will not choose you just because you can answer these questions, they will choose you when they know WHY you are doing it and can answer these 4 questions better than they could so they naturally identify with you and say, “WOW, this person really understands me“…ring, ring, ring

Videos and other digital media strategies will do this for you tirelessly 24hr a day!


“Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.”

Peter Drucker

The father of business consulting

To be successful you must innovate and be constantly growing!  You must stay ahead of your competitors or get lost in the sea of information.  The fastest way to stand out and get your prospects to see you as the obvious choice is to actively apply our Digital Media Authority Marketing Strategies using expert video interviews, online radio interviews, Authority News Releases, magazine and newspaper articles, as well as digital and print books as a published author, ALL SHARING YOUR WHY, that instantly position you as an Authority in the eyes of your prospects, especially if you are a “Best-Selling” Author.

You have just a handful of seconds to get and hold the attention of your prospect, and you must somehow show them enough in those few precious seconds to get them to move closer to knowing about you so they move closer to and stay a few seconds longer to begin to like you so they can then start trusting you enough to take a small step and choose you!

My easy Marketing GPS – Guaranteed Profits System™ and Digital Media Strategies will do that for you but I cannot help you if you do not call or email me to learn more.  Better yet, why not schedule a $1000 Strategy Session with me!  It does not cost you anything but you will learn a lot and if I cannot uncover at least $1000 in lost opportunities in your business or practice while we are on the phone, I will pay you for your time!

We now operate in a Semantic world and Semantic web, everything is linked to and related to to everything else somehow and we need to make sure we are represented properly out there on the semantic web if we intend to dominate our local marketplace.

We use Digital Media Authority Marketing Strategies to help get our Clients a very distinctive edge in being positioned as a local authority so they have a much better chance at not just getting more of their local prospect but getting the lion’s share of the BEST local prospects!

Want To Learn How To Attract And Convert More Of Your Best Prospects? Click Here To Schedule a $1000 Strategy Session With Me or Call me at (984) 204-6200 or email me at robert @ I look forward to speaking with you soon, Thanks!

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